Our Mission

Horizon Medical is dedicated to the total Wellness, Health, Beauty and Happiness of our patients.   We try our best to work with each patient as an individual, providing the highest quality care, and accommodating each person's needs.   We honor each patient as God's unique creation, and understand that cookie-cutter medicine fails most people.

The Sick-Care System of modern medicine is not working for most people.  We need a different kind of practice.  Horizon Medical is that very model of Innovation - the antithesis to the "Doc-in-the-Box" model of healthcare.   We are first and foremost concerned with the overall health and functioning of our patients, and not just the problem of today.   Health, and Beauty, together in complete care.

We integrate Alternative and Complementary medicine into the treatment program for each patient, with holistic and natural approaches whenever possible.  This unique style and approach is what makes us so different from most healthcare providers.   Your experience with us is unique to only you, and your plan for Wellness is your guide to success and good health.

As such, we do not participate as a Preferred Provider on Health Insurance Plans.  They are too restrictive, and bind up the Health process.   Their confines are part of the problem with our broken system.  We will, However, help our Patients to file with their plans.

Above all else, heeding God's Call to Heal the sick, provide comfort, and support our community is the reason Horizon Medical was founded.    May God richly bless you and your family.


At Horizon Medical, we are a Family.  Our Staff , team, and Patients, mean the World to us!  Always know that You are cared for deeply - we worry for our patient, Pray for our patients, and share in both the Victories and Challenges faced. 
You are never alone.

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