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Our Approach

Our practice philosophy of Wellness and Health maintenance supports use of Annual Physicals for unmasking new problems, Preventive Care and screening, to avoid health issues, and Management of Chronic Conditions you may already have.

This uses Sick visits, Well visits, and Follow-Up Rechecks.


We Integrate the best of every type of Medicine, using every skill and Talent of our Staff.  Additionally, we don't just treat symptoms, but get to the Heart and Origin of problems = this is called FUNCTIONAL Medicine.   Further, we Optimize your Health, and work on Prevention and Anti-Aging to avoid problems in the future.

Types of Healing

There are different type of healing, and different ways to heal.  At Horizon Medical, we heal patients and Clients with Traditional medicine, Alternative, Mind-Body-Spirit, and even Cosmetic/Spa Treatments.

Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative therapies including things like Herbal medicine, Acupuncture, and Biofeedback.  At Horizon, we combine with Pharmaceuticals, or change to Naturals for the best outcomes!

Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine

There are powerful connections between the Mind, Body and Spirit of an individual.   If any of these components of the self are compromised, there is dysharmony, and the other parts express diseases and problems. Healing with Counseling, Meditation, and Sensory Stimulation like Aromatherapy.

Spa and Cosmetic Medicine

Heal inside and outside with skin treatments - facials, peels, Laser treatments and Light Therapy.  Pamper mind and Body, and have all your needs met in one place!

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