2. All theories fall into 1 of 3 groups. cellular damage or wearing out. b. nonreversible cellular changes. c. biological clock. 3. Individual theories. aging by program theory cellular garbage theory. gene theory accumulation-of-errors theory. gene mutation theory wear-and-tear theory. cross-linkage theory autoimmune theory. free radical theory.


What really causes Aging?  Is it just time?   Have you ever wondered why some people "look great" and others "look old" before their time?  Aging is caused by several factors - including genetics and environment.   The good news is that we can combat both with Anti-Aging Medicine!


There are a lot of different causation-theories on Aging.  From simply Time and "wearing out"  to Programming; or  DNA damage; versus Immune system dysfunction and Autoimmune disease cause aging.    The truth is probably a mix of all these ideas contributing to aging.


A deeper Look

Can we stop aging??   Not really.  However, we can "slow it down", and we can age better, healthier, and stronger.  Take a look at the material below, and see how we at Horizon Medical can help.

Mechanisms of Damage


Note that inflammation is a key factor in everything here.   Inflammation, Mitochondrial damage, and  Neurodegeneration all contribute significantly to Aging and disability.

An Example

Genetics + Environment

Note the interesting interplay between choices a person makes with their health and environment, and the genetic profile.   The Smoking and Stress that inflicts, + the aging process and genetics = COPD, and worsening of Aging-related Pathology.

Aging and Deterioration


See how there are many things that impact aging and quality of Life.  At Horizon Medical, we believe we can Affect a number of them, and give all of us the best future possible.

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