Quality Beauty treatments for your Skin!   Many options, including Organic products, highly effective treatments.  Anti-Aging, Balancing, Clarifying, and Moisturizing.  You'll leave refreshed, relaxed and feeling Great!

Chemical Peels

Excellent exfoliation, with Natural and gentle methods like Organic Pumpkin Enzymes, to highly potent chemical peels.  New skin revealed!


Go even deeper, to uncover the most youthful skin, with dermabrasion techniques, using diamond microdermabrasion.  Our Aesthetician is experienced and proficient.


At the Horizon Medical Spa, we aim to give every patient a quality and pleasant experience!   Relax, and have fun... spoil yourself a bit - you deserve it.  We have a wide variety of services, so be sure to ask the Aesthetician about what is right for you.

Your experience will start with a skin exam and classifications of your skin type, color, texture and issues.   From there, the Aesthetician will develop a treatment plan with you, based on your body's needs, and your specific wishes and goals!



Join our VIP club by purchasing supplements and Skincare products, and by referring Friends and Family to our Practice!

VIP members gain access to exclusive benefits, like samples of new products before they hit the shelves!   Also - first rights to those rare Saturday hours, and even an occasional Free service!


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