RF Bipolar

Bodysculpting with RF / bipolar therapy.   Comes with Photon as well - Red light therapy.   Breaks up fat beneath the surface to be reabsorbed and disposed of through urine.


Using Intense Sound waves to break up fat cells and fatty deposits work as well.   Be sure to drink lots of water afterwards to cleanse out the disrupted fat.


Minimal discomfort and no "down time" - this procedure freezes fat cells, and kills them.  Then, over the next few weeks, they are cleared from the body, and you trim and flatten out.  Just look at the photos!  This modality brings you the most dramatic results.   And not just Tummy, but Thighs and Rear, and saggy arms, too.


Coldsculpting for Men, too!

Yes, Guys want to look their best, too.  Check out these Pics of Men.  Great Photo of Tummy fat and "Love Handles" disappearing; and the second one of embarrassing Chest fat (Pectoral) flattening.


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