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We talk a lot about therapies and products.  There are also things we can do to "drive" these products and therapies into your skin and tissues to make them work better and faster.



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During a Facial or peel, the Aesthetician can use a Galvanic therapy to help stimulate uptake of serums, or expel the dirt and impurities.


You may be in the Weight loss program, eating right, and exercising, but that fat on your thighs will not budge!   Use of the ultrasound waves to heat and vibrate those fat cells can help to mobilize and get rid of them.


Sometimes we use enzymes to literally eat away old and damaged tissues, so we can reveal the fresh and healthier layers beneath!  And, that new tissue will more readily take up nutrients and medications.

More Results?

Okay, so no one likes the word "Needle", but this is "Microneedle", so you need not fear, okay?   Microneedling technology has come a long way.  And, for the most part, it doesn't even hurt.

Microneedling works in a few different ways - first, on the concept of injury causing enhanced healing.  Yes, we injure... so that we can heal.  It's weird, but work with me.



Light Microneedling

Using very thin needles, and only going to a very small depth (0.25mm),  this treatment is great to help drive products, serums, etc. into your skin.  Good for scar removal, or to enhance a peel, too.  Can make a "light" peel more like a "medium".

Medium Microneedling

Using a slightly thicker needle, and going a little deeper, this treatment will yield stronger results (0.50mm).  Often, we use a products with plant stem cells, gold, or higher content of therapy along with this.

Deep Microneedling

Finally, the level that requires numbing of the skin.  Deep Microneedling sometimes involves full (1.0mm) depth and larger needles.  Maximal "injury" for maximal results.  Deep scars and flaws can be repaired with treatments.  Often, we use patients own blood, Platelet Rich Plasma + the highest level therapy.

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