A Common Problem

Fatigue is such a common complaint, and yet so many Physicians ignore the patient, or brush it aside as unimportant.  Not at Horizon Medical!   We take Your Fatigue seriously, as it is often a hint to a more complex underlying issue.

The WorkUp

We'll start with some bloodwork and often testing of the Heart, Lungs, etc.  We can frequently find a cause for fatigue in one or more of these tests.


Thyroid & Adrenals

Thyroid and Adrenal issues are very common, and especially what we call "sub-clinical".  Some providers do not recognize that just because it is within the Normals, it may not be normal for an individual.


Sugar, Cholesterol & Mitochondrial 

So called "borderline" diabetes, or low sugar, or unstable sugars, or cholesterols, or a Mild Mitochondrial disorder can rob you of your Vitality.  We can help.


Rheumatoid, Lupus, Fibromyalgia

It is so important to diagnose and treat Auto-Immune disorders early and get them under control.  The Body attacking itself is a critical matter.  Energy levels Plummet.


Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiency

It is amazing how tuning up your vitamins and minerals can add so much quality to your life.  Horizon's quality Supplements can be just what you need!


Wake / Sleep Disorder

Disturbances of Sleep and wake cycle can leave you feeling wiped out all day long.  Unfortunately, you really can't "catch up" or "make up for it" like people think.  You need to fix the disorder.


Depression, Anxiety

Nothing Saps your Energy like a Mood disorder.  Even mild conditions can leave you with nothing "in the tank" to run on...   Sometimes our Body knows we are depressed before our Mind does.