This is a service that's not just for Men... It's for Women, too.
Why?  Losing hair, thinning hair, or your Hair losing it's vitality?? We can help with all those issues.   Get evaluated today, and see how we can help you and your hair get back on track!   Don't go it alone.

Nutritional Therapy


Certain Vitamins and supplements help encourage Hair growth and Health.   This might include topical therapy with special Shampoos as well.

Light Therapy

LED Treatments

Special stimulation with specific wavelengths of light help stimulate the Hair Follicle to grow.   LED treatments several times weekly help promote hair growth.


PRP Micro-needling

Platelet Rich Plasma

Intensive therapy includes using a patient's own blood and concentrating the platelets into platelet-rick-plasma.  Applying this topically, and using micro-needling to super-nourish the scalp and Follicles will encourage growth and thickening.



Unwanted Hair??   Too much hair, or hair in places you don't want it?  Or, maybe you are just sick of shaving.  We can help.  Of course, there is waxing, but Now, there are easy and painless ways of getting rid of your hair, Permanently.   With several simple treatments, we can get rid of that Unwanted Hair - using IPL or YAG lasers.

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