What does OPTIMIZATION mean?

Most of us are used to the "sick care" system :  You get sick, and you go to the Doctor for it.  This is the wrong way to handle your health!  You don't neglect your car, and then just wait for it to break down, do you?  No = you get it's oil changed, and coolant flushed, and brake pads adjusted, tires rotated (and filled), etc.  The same goes for the Body!


Optimize your physique with Sports Optimization!  Get fit and Tone.      Likewise, increase your bone mass and density.  Particularly important for Women...


Increase your muscle mass...  Pump a little more iron; take time off your mile; speed up your recovery time.   At Horizon, we can make all this possible for you!


Priming your immunity helps protect you against illness, colds, and even forming cancer in the body.  Horizon will help you build your Protection!


Nutrient optimizing is perfect for anyone wanting to be at their best.  However, for a few, it is really vital.   Women wanting to conceive a baby want to be Optimally healthy.  Athletes before competition, and those prior to surgery or major stressors.


Be the most Heart healthy that you can be!   This means not only your heart rhythm and endurance, but also your bloodflow, pressure, and circulation.   There are things you can do to bring this to its best.


Metabolic hormones like Thyroid and Adrenal, as well as sugar balance, and even Sex Hormones - all can be optimized to be at your best.  Optimizing can add great quality to your life!