IV Therapy

You may ask, "Why do IV Therapy?"  There are plenty of good reasons.   First, you don't have to worry about absorption through the gut, or interactions with food, or poor motility, or drug interaction...

Next, IV therapy ensures you get ALL of the medicine or supplement you are trying to get into your system.   You will feel the effects of your IV treatments sooner and better than oral medications.

We start all IV Drips with Healing Hydrating Fluids.  Most of us walk around in a state of CHRONIC DEHYDRATION.  This is terrible for our skin, and organs (especially the kidneys).  Hydration therapy alone is therapeutic in many ways.  Then, we mix in Beneficial Additives according to your Body's Needs!

You can choose one of our Packages below, or have the Doctor formulate a Custom IV, just for your individual care.

IV vitamins
IV push

Beneficial Additives

Your IV therapy may contain any of the following beneficial  Additives:

Vitamins B-Complex      MIC

Vitamin C                 Dextrose

Vitamin B12             --Zofran

--Toradol              --Benadryl

--Famotidine              *Lasix

*BP meds           *Antibiotics   

Taurine                 --L-Lysine

Biotin               *Glutathione

Calcium               Magnesium

--L-Carnitine         --Oxytocin

*L-Arginine                *BCAA

*CoQ10 (Ubiquin)       *HCG

*Trace Elements (5)  *GABA


Rev up your engines with extra Vitality!  Get more energy in a natural and safe, healthy way.   Packed with Electrolytes, B-vitamins complex, and more, our Vitality package is what Busy Folks need to conquer the World.

"Buff Up"

Serious Body builder, or weekend warrior - we have the perfect IV nutrition just for you!  Packed with vitamins and Amino acids to build your muscles strong and healthy, our Buff Up is the perfect addition to your routine.


Oops!  Did you overdo it?  Overtax the body, physically ... or too much food and drink.  Maybe you had too much alcohol?  At times, we all overdo things.  Our Recovery package is perfect to get your system back in balance!  You will feel better with additives for nausea, headache, reflux, and more.

"Fountain of Youth"

Turn back the Clock!  Our Anti-Aging "Fountain of Youth" IV will help you live long and healthy.  Get more energy, detoxify, and increase metabolism - naturally and healthy.   Glutathione, CoQ10, and Vitamins for that perfect rewind.

"Sick Support"

If the worst should happen, and you do get Ill - come in for our Sick Support package.  Start off with healing Hydration.  Then, we can get you better faster, with Antibiotics, Vitamins, and additional supports to aide the body to heal as quickly as possible.

"Immunity Booster"

Prevention is indeed, the BEST medicine.  Our Immunity package is a great preventive way to keep yourself healthy and avoid things like Colds, Flu, and whatever is making the rounds at the office and schools.  B-vitamin, Vitamin C, and antioxidants to keep your immune system strong and primed.

"Calm & Cool"

Too much Stress?  If you are wound up tighter than ever, it is time to get some help.   Our Calm & Cool IV will support you and your anxiety treatment with soothing vitamins, natural GABA support and help with relaxing tight muscles.

"Chelation Therapy"

Chelation therapy is great for toxicity of heavy metals, which is getting more and more prevalent.  We can help with this using EDTA therapy. If you have Cardiac risk factors, or clogged arteries - there have been recent studies showing that EDTA can also help with unclogging arteries.  Stay tuned for more information on this...

"Heart Healthy"

Prevention is Key, when it comes to the Heart.  Do not wait until that first Heart Attack to think about this one.  Our Heart package is full of great preventive additives to keep your heart beating strong.   L-Arginine, CoQ10, and Glutathione combine for top heart support.

Beneficial Additives List (again)

Your IV therapy may contain any of the following beneficial  Additives:

Vitamins B-Complex                  M-I-C

Vitamin C                                 Dextrose

Vitamin B12                             --Zofran

--Toradol                                  --Benadryl

--Famotidine                            *Lasix

*BP meds                                  *Antibiotics    

Taurine                                      --L-Lysine

Biotin                                        *Glutathione

Calcium                                     Magnesium

--L-Carnitine                            --Oxytocin

*L-Arginine                              *BCAA

*CoQ10 (Ubiquinone)             *HCG

*Trace Elements (x5)               *GABA


IV therapy costs are based on either the Package Listed, or a Custom design containing Fluids, plus 2-3 additives.   If you desire specific ingredients, please specify, and ask in advance.  Check with staff about pricing prior to your service.    Please note that some additives are more expensive than others.

Key for above list:

.                      Basic additive  (no extra)

.                      --Small extra cost (up to $20)

.                      *Larger extra cost ($20-60)


[Some IV therapy may also require an Office Visit, monitoring, and other services necessary as part of good medical treatment. ]

(Example :  Patient comes in for Sick Support, but is found to have  out-of-control Blood Pressure on vitals - requires MD visit, BP meds, monitoring, possibly EKG, repeat checks and exam, etc.)

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