spa machine

Laser Treatments

Just about Nothing brings about more intense and faster results than using Lasers in your Therapy.   That is why Horizon Medical Offers several different types of Laser treatment for its patients.  The latest in Medical Technology and Evidence-Based Medicine are yours for the taking!!


Intense Pulsed Light

IPL is used for a variety of skin issues, from acne and spider veins, to "Photo Facials" rejuvenation, and of course, HAIR removal.  Versatile, safe, and now PAINLESS!!

YAG laser

Yttrium Aluminum Garnet

This Laser removes colored spots, moles, vessels, lesions, and TATTOOS.   Many people get tattoos and later regret them, or get divorced, and want that name removed.  We can take care of that!

RF Bipolar

Radio Frequency

RF is another great option.  Great for "tightening" areas, this is good for face skin, body area, and more.  It has been called a surgery free "face/body lift".  Ask about it today.