Gaining more and more attention in the Medical Field, is the importance of Light Therapy.   From the Visible Light spectrum, to UV light, and IR Light.

LED Light Therapy

Visible Light

Using different wavelengths of visible light, we can treat a variety of skin conditions, and bring about skin effects for cosmetic purposes.

UV Therapy


Ultraviolet treats several skin conditions, as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder - Mood condition/Depression.   UV is also commonly used in tanning beds, and we offer screening and safety with this as well.

IR Therapy


Infrared therapy includes our IR lamp, which is heat emitting.  Soothing heat helps with pain issues, inflammation, and flexibility.  Also stimulated collagen repair and reduces wrinkles.



Some of our tools include Tanning beds, LED lamp, and Bipolar/LED treatment tools.   Our Eye Therapy Light helps reduce crows feet and bags under the eye.   Another example is our Hair Stimulator, with special Red light wavelength to increase hair growth.

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