Our Approach

Men's Health is very Important.  Not just to the Man, but to his Family.  The only problem is that men often neglect their own care, or put off care they should get now.   We often here phrases like "My wife made me come", or "She told me to get this taken care of..."  It is time for our men to take charge of their care, like they do of their jobs and homes.

At Horizon Medical, we have Exclusively Men Services, and even our Woman Providers know how to handle Men's issues well.

Medical Care

Treating our Guys for Metabolic issues, Erectile dysfunction, Hernias, Infections, Mood disorders and More... With Rx or Natural therapies.


Prevention and Anti-Aging, or being Top of your Game in Sports!  We can Optimize your Health and Wellness.  Be your best with your Hormones, and vitamins/ metabolism!

Hair Restoration

Inquire about our Hair restoration services!   A multi-modality pathway to restoring your natural hair = no surgery and no gimmicks.  We also offer Laser Hair removal for place you don't want hair.