Although not Therapists, our Providers are excellent at providing support and counseling for a variety of issues.  As Providers and friends, we are there for our patients.


Take some time at our multifaith "Chapel" area, for your Spiritual needs.  The Spirit is possibly the most profound and powerful of the three connected aspects of a person.   It is through a person's spirit we define who they are, and their places in our lives.


The spirit must be freed of the stresses of our modern lives to focus and rebuild its strength.  We have an area for relaxation, meditation, and physical input, by doing stretching exercises or yoga.


We use a multi-disciplinary approach for pain issues.  Incorporating Natural/Nutritional therapies, and Alternative Modalities such as acupuncture, relaxation, heat lamp, Light Therapy, and more.


Admitting that you need help is an important first step in your road to recovery.  Our approach combines traditional and alternative methods + counseling with the doctor provided at each visit.  Cutting edge, we use NAD+ infusions to assist in Detox off drugs; and Naltrexone therapy to continue abstinence.


At Horizon Medical, we will also help you with psychological problems (depression and anxiety, etc.) that may have led to your addiction.  As a Family Medicine clinic, nobody needs to know the nature of your visits to Horizon.  Your Privacy is always Protected.


Helping everything from Pain and blood pressure, to anxiety and depression... Stimulating our senses can have a big impact on our Health!   Music Therapy, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Biofeedback/meditation, and Color immersion are some examples.

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