Newborns and Babies need special care.  At Horizon, we love to give TLC to little ones, checking for any and all abnormalities.  Early detection is key.


School aged children have their own issues, like developmental checks, asthma and allergies, skin rashes, common illnesses, and more


Teens fall into their own category, with challenges like Hormones, Mood disorders, Acne, self-Esteem issues, Eating disorders, and Guidance with sexual/drug choices.

Special Needs Services

At Horizon Medical, we help special needs as well.   From screening, and Diagnosis, to helping manage and treat - with medications, diet, and alternative treatments.  We handle PDD, Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Tourettes, Anxiety and Depression, Learning Problems, Eating disorders, and more.


Immunizations and Drugs

At Horizon Medical, You and our Providers are a Team.  Decisions are made together, and your choices are always respected.  Medicine has much to offer children, beyond just "shots".   VACCINES or not, you will never be turned away.

As with all our patients, we focus on preventive care, and Holistic approaches.  We treat things nutritionally, and with natural /herbal cures as often as we can, especially in children - to avoid medication side effects.   We use a conservative approach toward the use of antibiotics and may, based on your child's exam, suggest alternatives before using them.


Your Kids are Our Kids

At Horizon Medical, our Patients are Family, and your kids are Family, too.   So, whether it's a developmental screen on an 8-month-old, or Laser treatments on the Acne of a 15-year-old - we've got it covered.  From Asthma, to Zika - we can handle just about everything in between.  Just ask a Provider about your concerns for your Child, today.


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