1)  Our doors are Open and All patients are welcome
We accept any patients wishing to come to our practice, without discrimination based on race, religion, age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.   All people are welcome at Horizon Medical.

2)  Payment is due and expected at the time of service.
All payments will be collected before your visit with the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.   You must pay your bill in full at time of service.  We will help you file your insurance for reimbursement.

3) We do not accept Medicaid insurance.
Patients with Medicaid as their primary insurance will be treated as cash-pay.  Patients with Medicaid as their secondary insurance (for example, Medicare primary and Medicaid secondary) will owe the portion of any charges that Medicaid would normally pay on their behalf.

4)  All appointments are scheduled. We do not accept "walk-in" visits.
All appointments are made by calling in to the practice.   Same-day appointments are possible for a sick visit for one of our existing patients, but please do not "walk-in" without notice.  This will allow better scheduling so that your wait-time is minimized, and all patients are cared for with less interruptions.

5) Missed appointments
We have reserved your appointment time especially for you.  There will be charge of $50 for a missed appointment, if the office has not been given a 24-hr cancellation call, allowing us to schedule another patient in your time slot.  This is for any visit up to 1-hour.  If a patient no-shows a visit scheduled for greater than one hour (ie: medical visit, and Botox visit), they will be charged two no-show fees.

6)  Routine visits versus phone consultations
Routine visits to the office, and follow-ups of problems, are essential to good patient care.   Phone consults and medication refills will carry an additional $50 charge, if the patient is past-due for their follow-up visit or routine checkup.  These appointments are given for examination and recheck, and not just for the purpose of refilling your medications.

7)  After hours appointments
For the convenience of our patients, we offer after hours appointments.  These appointments are available, for an additional $65 charge.

8)  Does Horizon Medical Accept Returns??
Unfortunately, just like a pharmacy, we cannot accept returns of medications, herbals, supplements or Spa  supplies.  Once they leave the office, we cannot guarrantee the quality of the item anymore, and they cannot be re-sold.

9)  Supplements and vitamins are sold to patients only
Similar to prescription medication, the right bottle of vitamins or dietary supplements in the wrong hands can have drastic results. Several of our supplements are contraindicated for those with high blood pressure, some interact with prescription medications, and several others can be dangerous to people with nut allergies.  To protect the general public, sales of vitamins and dietary supplements are restricted to patients of our medical practice.  For the safety and well-being of our patients, each patient is only permitted to purchase those supplements and vitamins at our practice which have been individually prescribed for the patient by the Provider.

10)  Supplement and Vitamin Costs
Supplements and Vitamins purchased at the time of your visit are not billable to your insurance, and are due in full at point of sale.   We appreciate your support of our practice by buying your supplements with us rather than other popular pharmacies/nutrition stores in the area.   Our prices are both fair and competitive, and we carry only physician-grade products, with higher quality than other lines.

11)  Patient Discharge
This practice reserves the right to refuse care to any individual, based on a Patient's disrespectful behavior, excessive noncompliance, or Consistent failure to remit payment.