Prescription Services

Horizon Medical is proud to offer its patients convenience and cost savings through its in house Prescription Dispensary.  Patients can buy popular generic versions of many name brand medications, usually filled within minutes of their visit.  Many of our generic medications are only $6.00 for a month's supply.   We also have excellent prices on antibiotics, and asthma inhalers.  The following is a partial list of the medications that we offer to our patients:

 Brand Name  Generic Name  Indication(s)
 Celexa  Citalopram  Anxiety / Depression
 Claritin  Loratidine  Allergies
 Elavil  Amitriptyline  Pain, Headaches
 Lisinopril/HCTZ  Zestoteric  High Blood Pressure
 Norvasc  Amlodipine  High Blood Pressure
 Lopressor  Metoprolol  High Blood Pressure
 Glucophage  Metformin  Diabetes
 Zocor  Simvastatin  Cholesterol Mgmt.
 Flexeril  Cyclobenzaprine  Muscle aches/spasm
 Neurontin  Gabapentin  Pain, epilepsy
 Robaxin  Methocarbimol  Muscle aches
 Prednisone  Prednisone  Asthma, inflammation
 Cipro  Ciprofloxacin  Bacterial infections
 Z-pack  Azithromycin  Bronchitis / Pneumonia
 Topamax  Topiramate  Weight Loss, Migraines,
 Wellbutrin  Buproprion  Depression, Weight Loss,
Smoking Cessation, Epilepsy
 Buspar  Buspirone  Anxiety