Proactive Preventive Medicine

Even Mainstream medicine does some prevention, but at Horizon, we truly believe in being Proactive!  Prevention really is the best Medicine.


How far to go?

So, many wonder how far to take thing... and it is a point of controversy.   Some believe over-testing causes false-positives and invasive/unnecessary testing.  This is true, so Horizon Medical Providers know how to wisely use your Family and personal History to guide us to the right amount of testing.  We are also aware of results that are likely to be "normal Variants" and things of little concern.

Heart and Lung Function

Uncover latent disease

EKG and Lung Function testing right in our office.

Hormones and Metabolics

Simple blood tests

Simple testing and analysis with our Providers.

Cancer screens, bone Density

Radiologic Scans

Mammograms / thermograms ; Colonoscopy; Bone density; and more.

Health Optimizing and Ideal Weight

In addition to the above steps, of course, Horizon Medical wants to help each patient with their own Health Optimizing and to achieve and Maintain their Ideal Weight.  Weight control is an Important Key.  Even being slightly overweight has been linked to everything from heart disease to developing several types of Cancers.

Next Steps...

Set up an appointment to talk to a Provider and get a Plan together for Your Prevention for the Future!