Better Beauty

Pursue Perfection with Spa Services at Horizon Medical!  With our Aesthetician, you can access everything from Facials and Peels to the cutting edge Laser Treatments.

Better Health

Improve your Health on the Inside and Outside with traditional pharmaceuticals, alternative Herbal Medicines, or both.  Get the care and attention You deserve!

Better Vitality

Focus on Optimizing your Health and increasing your Wellness, rather than chasing Illness.   Prevention and Anti-Aging is the Key to staying Youthful and Healthy.


We offer the very best Quality, physician-grade, reliable, and tested Supplement product line, both for convenience to the patient, and to ensure each patient's "prescription" is filled correctly.  Horizon Medical knows we can rely on the consistency and potency of these products.  We further ask that you support the practice, by purchasing your supplements through us instead of other popular pharmacies, Nutrition centers, or "___-Mart"s.  Our prices are fair and competitive.

Supplements Guide



Pursue Perfection with our Aesthetician!  Learn more about what your skin needs for its nourishment, and feed it well.  Available at the clinic, are high Quality, botanically-based skin treatments to re-vitalize your healthy Glow.