Our Specialties

There are certain Services or Conditions treated that Horizon Medical and its Providers consider to be "Specialties" of the Practice.  These are things we do that most other practices do not, or that we really do well.  Do take some time and look over the following tabs at our Top Rated treatable conditions, and Services!

IV Therapy

Got a cold?  Feel run-down, and need a lift?   We have IV vitamin therapy!!   This gives your immune system a boost, helps your energy level, and provides Anti-oxidants to fight illness, cancer, and more.  Anti-aging with glutathione, too.  Tailor made just for you.

Intensive Heart and Lung Care

At Horizon Medical, we offer in-house specialized care for Heart and Lung conditions.  EKG, and Lung Function Testing at the moment - provides accurate information for treatment.  Breathing treatments, Oxygen, medication, and IV cardiac meds are available for your care.  We are able to stabilize patients before discharge home, or to hospital.

Better Beauty

Be sure to check out our Aesthetics pages, and particularly our Laser services, and Light Therapy.

Better Health

All types of people, and so many problems and concerns.  At Horizon Medical, we handle most everything.

Better Vitality

See our Health Optimization Page, and learn more about how Horizon Medical can Exceed your expectations, and help you become the Healthiest YOU possible.

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