Supplements Guide

Horizon Medical Premium Supplements have been designed and Hand-chosen by Horizon's Founder Physician to serve our patients.

They are produced by a high-quality company that manufactures supplements strictly for sale to physicians.  This manufacturer ensures the highest of quality, purity, and effectiveness.  Each batch is checked and re-checked to be certain it contains exactly what we expect, and ensure freshness and potency.   By purchasing your supplements with Horizon Medical, you ensure yourself that you are getting exactly what you need, and what our Providers recommend.

Our Office spent years simply referring patients to another store to buy supplements, only to find that most bought the wrong products, wrong potency or dose, and low-quality products.  As a result, most of the Natural "Prescriptions" did not work.   However, since starting our own line of hand-chosen supplements, we have seen great results from our Herbals and Nutritionals.  Effects are often Comparable, and even Exceeding pharmaceuticals.

Acai Berry – Jam-packed with Berry power – this pure Acai supplement is great for Vitality, Immune Building, Anti-Aging, and helping with weight loss.   Good for anyone to take.

Acai Berry Fat Burner – This is a great weight- lossHerbal, and so much more.  Contains stimulant- type herbs and Caffeine for appetite suppression. (This should not be taken with Adipex) This herbal is also recommended for enhancing energy in patients with certain conditions, and Chronic Fatigue.  Finally, the Acai Berry Fat Burner is also used as an adjunct support for Depression and Mood disorder to help lift mood and energy.   **Patients with high Blood Pressure should not take this supplement, or use caution - ask a Provider.

Adrenal Aide - Perfect for adrenal fatigue and low-end cortisol issues, this supplement contains dessicated bovine adrenal glands with natural hormones contained in them.   **Ask a provider about your dose, and take as directed according to your labs.

Amorous Aide – A form of herbal Viagra ®, for men, to increase both libido and function.  Recommended as a daily supplement, with an additional dose for “likely” occasions.  Check with the doctor before use, as some men with health conditions should not take this product.

L-Arginine - This supplement is taken daily to increase bloodflow.  Often taken for the heart, improving circulation, and Men's issues.  L-arginine increases the nitric oxide in the blood vessels to open them wide.  Good for blood pressure and alertness, too.

Asthma and Allergy Aide – Taken twice daily to reduce inflammation, this supplement can greatly improve allergies, asthma, and other inflammatory conditions.  Also useful for enhancing mental focus, and pain conditions.  This can be taken with prescriptions, too.

Biotin – A nutritional to support healthy, vibrant hair growth and maintenance.

Blood Pressure Support – A great Herbal for your BP!   This supplement, with lots of natural pressure-reducers, is perfect for “borderline” patients not taking any Rx meds, or even for those on meds, trying to avoid an additional pill.    We have had great success with patients on 1-Rx therapy who had side effects on the medication – changing them to simply taking this herbal instead of the prescription.   **A potent, low side-effect natural instead!

Blood Sugar Support – Another good support for your health!   This natural blood sugar reducer and regulator helps avoid the ups and downs for people with Diabetes(along with your prescription meds).   Help sugar levels in those with “borderline” or Pre-Diabetes,  especially if your health has risk factors for developing Diabetes (like high blood pressure, Family History, or overweight).   This herbal is also good in women with Polycystic Ovaries (or PCOS), as sugar dysregulation is a part of this complex disorder.

High Potency Blood Sugar Aide - If BS support is not enough, our next level up supplement is the High Potency BS aide, a stronger version of above.  Twice daily, for those with more severe issues.  Ask Dr. Korcz, or  Dr. Johanna if you need this "next level" treatment.

Bone Health – A daily supplement of Calcium, Vitamin D, Boron and Magnesium essential to strong bones.  Particularly important to menopausal women, but did you know many men suffer poor bone strength too?   Risk factors for Osteoporosis include White and Asian race, older age, and normal to thin build.  Take this, with weight bearing exercise and keep your bones healthy.   For women, starting in the mid-thirties is best to maximize bone density.

Cholesterol Control – This Niacin and plant sterol product is a great way to get your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels down.   It can also give a boost to your HDL(good cholesterol)  Best taken at nighttime, check with the doctor on your dose.    This is a no-flushing formulation.

Capryllic Acid - This nutritional supplement is great for Yeast control.   Good for women or men, for skin problems, digestive issues, and more.   Control fungal infections, and good for preventive medicine to control recurrent symptoms.

Carbo Blocker – Anyone can take this weight losshelper to aide in blocking absorption of some of the carbohydrates we eat.  Along with diet and an exercise plan, this could be your key to success.

Cider and Sea Vegetables -  Apple Cider Vinegar and Kelp/Spirulina can be used simply as a health and nutrition support, to augment your diet.   It also helps reduce blood pressure, and many find it to be a useful dieting aide.   This support is linked to decrease in sugar cravings and overeating.

Colon Aide – This is a great daily colon maintenance support.   Natural Fiber, plus herbs and aloe for gut health, this alieviates irregularity and constipation.   Helpful in those with Irritable Bowel (IBS), and constipation – it can even be taken as a cleanse (increased dose over short period) – talk to the doctor.

Cortisol Support w/Relora - A great weight loss adjunct!  This is for high-end cortisol levels that prevent weight loss.   Contains Relora, a potent anti-cortisol herbal to put the body back in balance.

Cranberry – A powerful anti-oxidant, this concentrated formula can be a nice addition to your nutrition plan.  Also very useful for prevention in those prone to urinary tract infections.  Many studies have proven Cranberry's usefulness in urinary health.

Energy Restore – This is co-enzyme Q-10, which is used to create energy.   Often decreased by stress, and medications – especially the Statins (cholesterol Rx) – take this with your medication, and feel better, with less side effects.  Take with Red Yeast Rice, too.   Used to enhance performance of Sports as well.  Mitochondrial support.

Evening Primrose -  For women, as an aide to monthly water retention, bloating and PMS.  Good for all patients with any conditions.  Safe and gentle, you can take 2-3 daily.

Hair and Skin Revitalizer - Excellent to strengthen and renew your Hair, skin, nails, etc... this supplement contains everything needed for healthy, glowing exterior.  And not just for Women - great for MEN, too!  Taken one, or two daily, it is great for thicker, fuller hair.

Hawthorn Extract/Berry – A natural heart rate reducer with Beta-Blocking qualities, without side effects.  **Take this only at the recommendation of the doctor.

Herbal Mood Lifter – Good natural alternative to meds for mild-moderate “Blues”, depression, anxiety, and Panic attacks.  Take this if you had side-effects to traditional meds, or it can be used as an add-on if the Rx is not fully effective, too.  Also used for menstrual disorders like PMDD.  Take 1-3 daily – talk with the doctor about your doses.

High Potency Vitamin D – A vitamin supplement for essential vit. D – good for bones, vitality, and body restoration.   Take 2 daily to restore your vitamin D levels, then may switch to Bone Health.

Immune Support – Keep this one handy at home for as-needed use.   Great to stop a cold in its tracks!  It supports your immune system to fight off illness and repair and restore after illness/injury.  Especially good if you are prone to allergies and colds, or sinus infections.   **Do not take if you have autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, or Lupus.

Joint Support – A daily glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM for joint health.   Clinically proven to help arthritis and chronic pain.  Helps restore mobility and decreases pain in your joints.  Start with 4-5 daily, and then reduce slowly to find your ideal dose per day.

Life’s Vitality Multivitamin – The most comprehensive multi-vitamin  I’ve ever seen!  Contains all the Vitamins, Minerals, Fruit and Vege complex, Sea vegetables, and Digestive Enzymes you need.   It even has some Ginseng and Green Tea for energy and Echinacea for Immune Support.  (Don’t take it past 4 or 5 pm, or it may keep you up – take 1-3 daily with meals.)   **Ask the doctor before taking, though, as a few patients with High Blood Pressure and heart conditions may be too sensitive to some ingredients.

Multivitamin 1-a-Day – A good multivitamin with minerals anyone can take.  We all need some help with maximizing or healthy nutrients!  Combine it with Cider and Sea Vegetables for an even better nutrition support.

Men’s support – A daily supplement just for men, gentle and effective for anyone to take.   This herbal is good for Prostate health and prevention, as well as Vitality!  Taking this daily can improve urinary function and prevent infections, too.

Mind Elevate - A great supplement for memory and prevention for dementia.  It contains antioxidants, and neuron-nutrients to provide an extra help to your brain and memory connections!

Mind Matrix – A wonderful 1-a-Day for helping mental focus and concentration.  For busy, stressed-out men and women, menopausal/andropausal symptoms, and even for children with ADHD, or similar problems.  It also makes a good adjunct for depression/mood problems. **Not for those with high BP.

Natural Detox – Use this once in a while to purifyand clean out toxins from the body, and especially the Liver and Intestines.   Gentle and mild, it can be used every few months.

Pain Formula – With MSM, Curcurmin, Ginger, and other anti-inflammation herbs, this Natural is great for relief of acute or chronic pain!   Okay to take with prescriptions, it often enhances Rx pain relievers, yet gentle enough for kids to use a half-dose.

Probiotic Protection – A must-have for gut health, and digestion.  This quality, multi-organism probiotic should be kept in the refrigerator, once opened.   Gentle enough for all, including children.   Good for women to help avoid yeast infections as well.  When taking antibiotics, use 3-4 daily to restore these healthy bacteria in your intestines, and avoid diarrhea and abdominal pain associated with antibiotics.

Red Yeast Rice/Policosanol – This is nature’s cholesterol fighter! It’s main function is to lower LDL (bad cholesterol)  Use this to avoid prescription meds, but be careful… it is so potent, it has the same potential for liver damage as the Statin medications.   Be sure to check with the doctor and have your blood and liver checked.   **Not for those with liver problems.

Sardines/DHA - This nightly supplement is a great Men's addition.  Combines with L-Arginine to make our "herbal Viagra".  Amazingly potent and effective when taken daily.

Skin Solutions – Radiant and healthy, younger-looking skin can be yours!   With breakthroughs like resveratrol, berry extracts and antioxidants, this herbal can make you and your skin healthy from the inside, out.  Anti-aging and ant-wrinkle formula.

Sleep Solutions – Taken at bedtime, this melatonin, valerian root, hops, and GABA all combine to make an herbal supplement that can help you get the best rest!  Gentle and non-habit-forming, it’s a great alternative to sleeping pills and medications, or even addition to meds.

Super Berry Antioxidant – Packed with natural berry power, this top antioxidant support is great for fighting disease, cancer, and restoring energy.  It helps clear free radicals and restore bodily functions.  Good in conditions like Fibromyalgia, and autismdisorders in children, too.  It’s an anti-aging herbal.

Super Omega – This is a top-notch, Fish Oil Omega-3,-6, and -9; with added plant Flaxseed and Borage oils.   Great for treating low HDL (the good cholesterol) and Triglycerides, or as preventive care.   It is heart healthy, and should be taken at bedtime.  Ask the doctor about your ideal dose and follow up with bloodwork.   Note: even if an Omega or “fish oil” supplement has not produced results for you in the past, be aware this is a much more potent and effective formula.

Weight Loss Nutrish – Although the Lipo shots are the best method, this orally taken herbal with amino acids, and nutritional supports like berry extracts and oils, is a good alternative.  Taken three times daily, it prevents muscle loss, and promotes fat burning.   This is a good support to your weight loss success.

Women’s Support – A great daily supplement for hormonal balance, emotional and physical.  With estrogen-like and Progesterone-like herbs, Black Cohosh, and Yam, it can relieve many menopausal symptoms without the need for hormone replacement.  It can also be used with hormones to compliment and allow lower doses of pharmaceuticals.    This herbal can also be used to help regulate an abnormal cycle, or for PCOS.