Achieve Health & Wellness:


Notice the design and construction of the bridge below.  It uses some key components for its stability and sound design.  The same is true of Your Body and Health.   If we neglect any of these components, our Bridge becomes unstable, and we suffer the consequences.  Illness, Fatigue, and poor Health.

Our Goal at Horizon Medical, is to help you Navigate the rough waters of Life, and Build your Bridge to be Strong and Sound, and able to withstand Life's adventures.  Together, we can keep you Healthy, Happy and Well.


Note the bottom of the Bridge.  The Firmest Foundation - a suspension bridge begins with Achors at the corners, into the EARTH.  This is your most basic of needs.  Let your Anchors be things like Healthy foods, Quality Sleep, and Clean Water / Good Hydration.  


Next are the Towers.  High into the air, and yet deep into the ground or water - additional supports planted to hold up your bridge.  These are the choices you make.   Let your Towers beneath the bridge be good things like Regular Exercise, Healthy Friendships, Healthy Sexuality and Non-Toxins (no drugs, tobacco, etc; little alcohol).

The Bed

Crossing the Bridge, you use the Bed of the structure, which may seem "simple", but it is not.  The Bed is actually made of layers, and between them are thick sturdy cables holding everything together.  It's all about CONTROL and BALANCE.  Let your Bed be built of Weight Control, Stress Control, Hormone Balance, Emotional/Mood Balance, Gut Balance, and Vitamins.


Finally, the Towers and Cables support you from above, a complex weave of connection.   It's the final safety net for your bridge, should all the others fail.  This will consist of Herbal MedicineNutritional Supports, Acupuncture, and even conventional Medicine.

Your Next Step

Now that you understand what we are working towards, and the building blocks on how to get there, it is time to get to know us!