How Disease is Built

Look at the Problem Tree in the image above.  See how the Roots are the BIGGEST part??   Even if you don't see it, the roots are working.  The roots are the CAUSE of your health problems.  Often unseen, or even not related to the symptoms that bring you Worry.  At Horizon Medical, our approach is to get to the root of the problem, and help not just treat symptoms, but the cause.

Next is the Trunk, which are contributing factors, or secondary causes, and side symptoms.   These make the disease process "worse", or accelerate / advance the bad outcomes of your Health.

The branches and Leaves are the symptoms you feel.  This includes the symptoms you feel, symptoms or signs that others can see, and what Providers might find on exam.  The Crown is often the only thing we really see.

Finally, sometimes disease gets bad enough, there is Fruit on the tree, which represents final outcomes of disease.  This is when things have gotten bad enough to go beyond symptoms, to crisis events ( often leading to hospitalizations).   We want to AVOID this.

Example / Diabetes

Roots:  Genetics, poor diet, Obesity, inactivity.

Trunk: High BP, inflammation, unstable sugar.

Leaves: Nausea, Fatigue, Headache, palpitations, thirst.

Fruit:  Heart Attacks, Infections, Diabetic Coma.

Fill in YOUR OWN

What about your issue??  Fill in the blanks about your leaves, and try to fill in the other blanks.   Bring this to the office, and ask the providers to help fill in the rest!

Example / ??

Fruit:  ER visit with pain and Diarrhea. Vitamin Deficiencies.

Leaves: cramping, stool changes, skin itchy/flaking.

Trunk: Excessive sugar, Antibiotic abuse, toxins.

Roots:  Genetics, poor diet, Obesity, Toxins.


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