Our Approach

Weight loss is a complicated endeavor.  Horizon Medical begins with an Individualized Plan.   As Always, getting to the root of the problem - checking for medical problems first, and then bad eating habits.   We use a Full Body Analysis Scale - measuring lean, fat mass, water, etc.  We track a patient's progress at each visit.


Even a small amount of weight loss can cause major effects:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Normalize Blood Sugar
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve MOOD
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Lower Heart Risk

Diet Counseling

Right Choices and Amounts

Horizon Medical helps patients mend their eating habits for success. Eating the right things, in the right amounts is key.  We don't overburden you with counting and measuring... just good sense.  After all, Nobody gets Fat on Broccoli!  (You know that's true.)

Exercise plan

How much, how often

Exercise is also a key component.  Moving more is essential to weight loss.   Our Providers assess each individual for their fitness and start at the "just right" level.  And it doesn't have to mean lots of money and rigid schedules... it could be simply playing with the kids, and taking the stairs.

Appetite Suppressant

Herbals, Meds, or Both

Many People need a little help with the Eating Less part.  An appetite suppressant can help.   We have several choices available - from natural and herbal, to Medication.  Ask a Provider which ones may be right for you.

In Addition...

To Enhance our Weight Loss plans, we ensure our patients are well supported with High-quality Lipotropic Injections.  These are essential!  They steer your weight loss toward losing the right KIND of weight = FAT.  Without them, we tend to losing more muscle and water, than fat.  In other words, we lose healthy weight instead of unhealthy weight.  This is why we have a body composition scale, and track your loss and gain over time, making certain you are getting more healthy!


Want to showcase that new physique?  See our Aesthetician for Body Contouring using ultrasound, Radio Frequency / Bipolar and photon therapy for stubborn lipolysis.   Or, go even further with COLDSCULPTING.   This dramatic technique takes only a few sessions, and can really make noticable changes in your body shape.  You'll be getting Healthy and Looking Great!

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