Our Approach

Just like for Pediatrics, Women go through lots of stages in their adult lives, and here, at Horizon Medical, we are there for every step of the way.

Young Adulthood

We are here for Well checks, PAP smears, cycle problems, Mood disorders, and Infection checks.  We also do birth control and Family planning.  Horizon Medical is expert at Yeast Issues.


 We provide health optimizing, help with Fertility, PCOS, counseling, Prenatal Care and Lactation assistance after birth.  Horizon Medical is also happy to help with Prenatal Care, and we support Moms choices with their OB/G or Home Birth situations.

Post - Menopause

Horizon will also guide Women through Menopausal symptoms, Hormone therapy,  Incontinence issues, and Mood changes of later life.

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