Balance, and the Yeast Problem

In the Modern Day, we have problems attaining Balance.  In our Lives, Work, and in our Bodies.   Yeast Problems often arise from a person being UnBalanced - in acid/base, and with bacteria/yeast, etc.

Imbalance and Yeast issues can get out-of-hand quickly, and cause a whole host of problems and issues.


Gut Health

Ever wonder why you get diarrhea when you take antibiotics for a sinus infection??   That's because it puts your body out of balance, and the yeast start to take over.   Gut issues are one of the first symptoms.  IBS-like pain, cramping, irregularity, and poor absorption of nutrients.

Brain Fog and Fatigue

Yeast overgrowth, and the Toxins released by the yeast cause some people a profound Fatigue.  And still other get what is described as "Brain Fog" - a confused and "word hunger" like state of not being able to express oneself well.

Skin Itch, Rash, Dryness

Frequently, Yeast issues manifest as skin problems, with rashes and dryness.   Many describe terrible itching that reacts to sugar intake (worsens with eating sugary snacks and drinks).

Female Issues

Of course, when we say "yeast", most people think of Vaginal Yeast infections first.   However, female issues are only one of the symptoms of yeast overgrowth.

Don't be fooled, there are plenty of MEN who have trouble with YEAST overgrowth as well.

Next Steps...

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